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We provide PPC management services to small-to-medium sized business across the US.
Our knowledge and experience with PPC platforms such as Google Adwords, Bing Ads, and Facebook PPC allow us to drive success for your online business through paid search & display marketing. We have experience with many businesses in various verticals thus you can expect to see faster results with us because we have experienced it before.

We Manage PPC Campaigns Such As

eCommerce Sites: We can expand your ROI greatly for your eCommerce business through conversion/ecommerce tracking, product listing ads, and more.

Lead Generation:Using paid search in combination with phone tracking, goal tracking, negative keywords, and compelling ads we can increase your leads greatly.

Local Search Marketing:With local targeting (by radius or zip code), mobile campaigns, locally target ad-groups, and engaging ads we can generate more customers and/or calls for your local business.


What to Expect With PPC Blast

Certified PPC Management: Dedicated PPC Management with many years of experience in Adwords, Bing Ads, Google Analytics & Facebook PPC.

Campaigns Built for ROI: We will design and incorporate a strategy for your campaigns that will produce an excellent ROI for your business.

100% Transparency: You have complete access and ownership to your PPC accounts.

Affordable: Our PPC Management services and low setup fees are affordable for small-to-medium businesses. We want you to use your money to expand your campaigns not our pockets.


Why Hire Us for Your PPC Management?

We are an American based PPC management company with the same amount of experience and knowledge as these more expensive larger PPC management firms. We offer a more personalized approach to your campaigns. Your success is our success so we treat your campaigns as if they were our own. To us you are not just another client. You are a business partner.

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